Animal Encounters

Farm and Zoo Animals Come Together 


Gone Wild !

Meet our animals "up close and personal!"

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of Ivie Acres Farm and meet our animals up close! Feed our Zebra, Capybara, Muntjac Deer, Cavies, meet our juvenile Kangaroo and Wallaby, interact and ride our camels, hold a hedgehog and much more!

Furry   Fiesta !

Camel Encounters

Hunting Season 

Greet and Meet Our Little Muntjac Deer...

Lets Get Wild !

Hang out with our Kinkajou

Here's Looking at Zoo !

Tortoise not Turtle

The Sulcata Kind!

What are your hours?

Thursday – Friday 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm  Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Are you open to the public?

Yes! Appointment needed for your personal tour.

Where are you located?

5605 West Higley Lane, Grantsville, Utah 84029

What are your prices?

General Admission

Adults               $15.00

Children 3-12    $11.00

Seniors 65+                

Group Rate for  $65.00

up to 6 people    

What animals will we see?

Kangaroo Encounter              Red Kangaroo

 Two varieties     Wallaby


Muntjac (Smallest Deer)         Patagonia Cavy Large Sulcata Tortoise

Capybara (Largest Rodent) Baby Kinkajou Zebra

 Red Fox                           Emu Coatimundi

Camel Encounter

Camel 1 hump (Dromedary)

Camel 2 hump (Bactrian)

 Alpaca      Llama

What other services do you provide?

Pony Rides  Kangaroo Encounter Critter Camp Other Services

Camel Rides Fox Encounter Farm Parties

Wagon Rides Education Presentations   Mobile Petting Zoo

Furry Ferret

Cuddly Camel

Cute Kangaroo

Foxy Fox   

5605 W. Higley Lane, Grantville Utah 84029